Courtesy of John Danish
Mr Steve Danish, or just Mr Danish, thats how much respect I had for him.
   Steve Danish, the racer from Cropseyville NY, nicknamed "the Cropseyville Courier". This respected gentleman won 32 feature races at the "Track of Champions", 12 features in 1953 (12 out of 17 total), 11 features in 54 (11 out of 19). Mr Danish continued to total up feature races until the 32 total was reached, winning his last 2 feature races in 1963. Upon the introduction of Modified motors at Fonda Steve retired from racing at the end of the 1966 season.

   Mr Steve Danish, the Cropseyville Courier. (click for larger view)

      Oh boy, that night was a big deal, Marlyn VanDerbur, the reining Miss America was on the scene to present the trophy to the feature winner. Sometime before the feature Tom and Cliff Kotary had promoter Ed Feuz backed up against the judges stand peeling ole Ed out for something, and they weren't carefull with their language. Miss America was upstairs in the judges stand watching the Feuz peel-out with what I thought was amusement. Chet had a hell of a time getting the feature started as the boys were in such a lather to get the trophy that night ole Chet had to re-start the main four times. The boys couldn't get past the first turn. Mr Danish was driving frank Trinkaus's #62, and after the start was successful the cream and blue #62 worked to the front and into the lead and the win.

      Two of the Danish fleet, with several replacement cars in the background.

      This is pristine.

      Getting lined up on the drag strip.

      Harry Peek receives the winners trophy from Mr Danish. (click for larger view)

      Louie receives the Fonda Track Champion's trophy.

      (L-R) Jim Luke, Bill Wimble, Lou Lazzaro, Steve Danish, and in the background "Pop" Wilcox. (click for larger view)

      The Danish crew at Daytona Beach. (L-R) Steve, John Danish, dont know, Ella Trinkaus, Frank Trinkaus, and I dont know the other ladies.

      #25 Nick Carter, #3 7/8 Charlie Trombley, #44 Don Wayman, #42 Scootch Schoonmaker, #L8 Bob Adams, #62 Jeep Herbert, #61 Steve Danish, #4 Lou Lazzaro. (click for larger view)

      Steve Danish bests Howie Westervelt, at I think, Victoria.
That looks like a beer keg Howie's using for a gas tank.

      This big pile-up in Fonda's first turn reminds me of the night Miss America was on the scene and Chet had a hell of a time getting the feature underway. Recognize anybody we know?

      Another start at Victoria Speedway. I can recognize Paul Marshall's #7-11, Frank Trinkaus's #62, Mr Danish in the #61, Willy Chest's #54, and JR Earl's #1.