One Modified and thirty two Late Model wins at Fonda alone, and I suspect Dick doesn't know how many wins he's had overall. Wins at Can Am, Rolling wheels, Morris, Brookfield, Afton, and lord knows where else.
   Dick is a quiet, shy, unassuming family man, and if he had the brass of someone like Rene Charland and rigorously pursued top rides, Mr. Schoonover would be in everyone's record book today. Let that be a lesson for all car owners, don't be snobby, look for talent everywhere, not just in the top ranks of the sport.

      Dick Schoonover's second race car, the first was a ex Bill Wimble coupe also numbered 33.

      The "Lumber Wagon" took Dick to a ton of feature wins.

      A Chevrolet from the Schoonover fleet.

      Another Fonda feature win.

      (L-R) Irv Stevens and his girl friend, don't know, Nancy Schoonover, and Dick Schoonover.

      Dick Schoonover won a modified feature at Fonda with this car on 5/3/86.

      (L-R) Dick Sweet, Pete Porter, and Mike Emhof.

      Early Bret Belden.

      Bret Belden at Charlotte.

      Jay Bleser at Brookfield Speedway.

      Ray Bunzy at Morris Speedway.

      Randy Glenski gets some hardware at Brookfield, and if he's got his wits about him he'll ask the trophy girl what she's doing tonight.

      Paul Cary at Brookfield.

      West Winfield's own, Jerry Christian.

      Paul Hallick at Brookfield.

      Last and certainly not least, Harry Peek.
All photos courtesy of Dick and Nancy Schoonover.