George Baumgartner and other cool stuff.

   George Baumgartner defines the terms "imp" or "impish". Baumy loved to have fun, and if we can picture "responsible" sitting on one shoulder, and "devil may care" sitting on the other shoulder, both whispering instructions into Baumy's ears (like they do to us on occasion). In Baumy's case "Devil May Care" usually came out on top. Impish or not, George could keep the pedal on the carpet with the best of them. Strangly enough, the Vogel #95 never won a feature race at Fonda (they won at Alycon, White Beach, State Line, Metowee, Sharon Springs, but not Fonda). But, after the #95 slantback was sold to Lake George Ford dealer J.R. Earl, Jeep Herbert won seven Fonda features and the 1959 Fonda track championship in the slantback.

      George at Fonda with Ted Vogel's #95. Ted evidently had access to loads of Ford slantbacks from around the Granville area.

      The Jeepster with the Earl #991 (previously the Vogel #95).

      Baumy receives a trophy for a Stateline feature win.

      Jeep Herbert and Baumy at Stateline Speedway.

      George in a #95 coupe at Stateline.

      #95's left front wheel escapes over the wall at Fonda. Baumy in the #95, and I believe thats Donny Wayman in the #44.

      Kenny Shoemaker gets sandwiched between Pete Corey (Yellow #3) and Walt Roberts (#9).

      The name on the roof is Field, and beyond that I'm stumped.

      A gent named Daniels drove this car.

      Steve Danish destroyed this #61 at Fonda.

      Jeep Herbert takes kids for a ride in Henry Caputo's #11. Thats one scarey looking kid Jeep's got in there. And, thats a cool Fairlane convertable up there on the stage.

      Dave Talmadge (L) and Fonda official Pete Slovik (2nd from L) previously told Red Knoblach that they would give him a wheelbarrow ride if he ever won a race. Red (seated in the wheelbarrow) won a heat race on 7/16/55 and gets his wheelbarrow ride, overseen by flagger Chet Hames (in the striped shirt).

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